About Us

E-motion is a specialized sports massage practice that brings advanced sports and medical massage therapies to our fitness and health conscious Clients. Our mission is to bring the latest in athletic & rehabilitative muscular care to the ever-growing fitness enthusiast market.


“I first noticed the need for this business when I left the military with muscle and joint aches and inhibited flexibility. I was big on preventative care at the time, but finding practitioners that understood my active lifestyle and my body was frustrating. After attending massage therapy school, I learned that therapeutic massage could not only be preventative but also curative if applied with skill. It was from this personal experience that I dedicated myself to developing a sports and medical massage practice that would address these issues for other fitness enthusiasts like me.” 

Founder- Mercedes Diaz


Sports massage aims at speeding recovery, improving performance, and helping resolve pain from intense physical activities and poor posture. The difference between a sports massage and a regular massage is the application of specific techniques based on kinesiology, myology, and physiology that the massage therapist is trained at. These techniques increase circulation, reduce lactic acid build up, and increase mobility. This results in faster recovery, improved performance, and pain relief.

Our Clients come to us with unique challenges as they perform different physical activities at varied frequencies and intensities. Adding the fact that they all have different postures and physiologies makes a cookie cutter approach to treatment very ineffective. What differentiates E-motion is that we establish a customized bodywork program based on each Client’s specific needs. In addition, our therapists are trained to identify posture patterns so that we provide our Clients with corrective plans and exercises that they can perform on their own to address bad posture habits.

Ultimately the goal here is to get each of our clients to a maintenance mode. What I mean by “maintenance mode” is when you come in for the first time you are probably walking in with a series of injuries, chronic pain or just built up stiffness and tension. So we spend the time to fully understand your specific challenges and goals then start addressing the challenges you have by focusing first on injuries and tension. We will also spend time observing your posture and compensation patterns that could be contributing to the problems. Once the main challenges are resolved, you would have improved from a crisis mode to a maintenance mode that requires simpler and less frequent treatment for your body to achieve your goals. This plan will still include periodic sports massages and corrective training plans to help supplement your fitness routines.

Above all, at E-motion, we all share the same core values of helping our Clients achieve their highest potential in their activities. We are committed to providing high quality, result-driven, customized care during a time when Massage & Physical Therapy is popular but often commoditized.