Our Mission

E-motion is a specialized sports massage practice that brings advanced sports and medical massage therapies to our fitness and health conscious clients. Our mission is to bring the latest in athletic & rehabilitative muscular care to our clients. At E-motion, we all share the same core values of helping our clients achieve their highest potential in their bodies and reach peak performance. We are committed to providing high quality, result-driven, customized care. In order to do this, we need client-focused staff, who are willing to go above and beyond for their clients. Every staff member that is considered for our clinic team, needs to meet a minimum requirement of 5 years experience in the field and a willingness to grow and learn. 


Our Bodywork System & Philosophy

A great massage session at E-motion can be identified when the therapist has considered the following steps:

  1. The Client’s Immediate Needs/ Contraindications
  2. The Client’s Current Postural Patterns/Alignment
  3. The Client’s Tight Muscles vs. Weak Muscles
  4. Applying a technique that BEST meets the Client’s Needs.
  5. Making proper recommendations/plan

Our philosophy is that in order to achieve long-lasting results we must consider Alignment and break the pain cycle through proper kinesiology application.


Our Culture

Friendlier & Down to Earth

We always greet clients with a smile, we are genuinely thankful to have clients trust us. Every client is treated as a guest in our home. We don’t judge and rarely let the small things get us down. We are accepting of ALL people and their differences. 


Our motto is: “less is more”.Our techniques are built on the concept of minimal effort- maximum results. Our therapists master body mechanics and focus on techniques that work so that they can achieve better results. Our minimalist approach allows for a successful work-life balance. In everything we do, we think: “How could we do this more efficiently?”


We recycle. We try not to waste. We use organic, hypoallergenic products. We meet people where they are and encourage people to be their best.

Quality Skill

Recovery & Performance are the focus in our treatments, therefore we are committed to keeping up with our skills and continually learning new skills. We always look for ways to educate ourselves and clients.


The team is the pulse of our success. Without each other, we don’t exist. We support our team and openly communicate our differences. Our culture celebrates collaboration!



  • People who honor our mission, agree with our purpose, and truly appreciate working for a company that values client-focused treatments, growth, and education.
  • People who are self-motivated to work and excel at a higher level of performance, who understand their job and take responsibility for carrying out the daily details while keeping the big picture in mind.
  • People who understand the importance of quality bodywork.
  • People who understand we are a team and that a team wins together or loses together.