Massage Therapy Is Now An Alternative Medical Treatment

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More and more people are turning to massage therapy to address medical issues and to keep stress within manageable levels. There was a time when people who inclined high-end lifestyle took recourse to massage, but now it has turned into a necessity as people have realized its importance for medical treatment. Today, massage is widely accepted as a medical treatment much like other alternative treatments that are available.  This fact reveled in a survey conducted by American Massage Therapy Association sometime in 2014, where the majority of respondents confirmed that they used massage therapy for medical reasons.  Among all alternative therapies for medical treatment, the majority of hospitals make use of massage therapy.  Conventional care providers now work in close collaboration with massage therapists to make medical care more efficient.

The modalities of massage therapy

Therapists use various massaging techniques, but at the end, all procedures follow the same principle of manipulation of soft tissues by applying controlled pressure on different body parts through measured hand movements.   The therapist makes use of his or her hands together with fingers, elbows, forearm, and knees to stroke the body and in creating deep kneading motions. The strokes can be light or deep depending on the needs.

While the most widely used technique of massaging requires patients to lie down, the position of the patient would vary depending on the kind of movement that the therapist does.    In some cases, the patient can be made to sit during the massage session, and in some other instances, it may require removal of clothes to apply the massage correctly.

The medical effects

There is no doubt that you feel refreshed after a massage session but to understand why it happens you have to look into the therapeutic effects of massage.

  • According to a study published in the Science Translational Medicine journal, the production of cytokines in the body reduces because of massage. Since cytokines, which are proteins, is responsible for inflammation in the body, its reduction is the reason why people feel pain relief after massaging.
  • Mitochondria, the energy-producing units in cells get stimulated during massaging, and the activities of cell repair and function get a boost.
  • Massage therapy helps to regulate the sympathetic nervous system of the body and reduces cortisol levels that result in relieving stress.

Locating a massage therapist

It is not at all difficult to locate massage therapist as you find plenty of them on the internet.  If you are suffering from chronic pain and all other treatments have proved futile, it is the time that you log on to to find the most competent therapist.  The trained therapists you find here treat medical conditions and not only pain. If you have a heart ailment that related to poor blood circulation, the therapist knows about the massage therapy that will work best for you.

For chronic pain conditions, medical massage therapy is capable of addressing the cause of the problem so that you do not face the issue of its recurrence in future.