Mercedes Diaz, LMT

Note: Mercedes is currently not accepting NEW clients, you must be invited by an existing member to join her membership pool. You can also try contacting her via this link, stating the reasons why you feel you need to work with her. She will not accept Groupon as a form of payment for her sessions, as she is extremely busy with her members. Thanks in advance for understanding! 

I imagine a world where there is a seamless integration of alternative care and traditional medical care. A world where orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and other health care providers are not competing for the spotlight but instead working together to find the best pain management care for their communities.

My dream is to bring health care providers together in any and every way I possibly can, to address pain conditions and musculoskeletal disorders from every angle. I am currently working on achieving this by providing Free Workshops led by Health Practitioners for the public and Practitioners alike. We also hold monthly Practitioner Case Study reviews at our wellness clinic, E-motion Sports Massage & Wellness, with guest speakers from outside our clinic who are willing to share their experience with us and offer advice.

With over 6,000 hours of hands on experience and self-study in the Anatomy and Manual Therapy fields, I am committed more now, than I have ever been, to being part of and pioneering this new future. As a practitioner, I focus on creating postural balance and addressing the muscular system from a medical and science-based approach.

If you share the same vision and would like to collaborate on some of our ongoing projects, have an idea for me or simply want to chat, reach out and I’d be happy to assist.


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