Samantha Giguere, LMT

I’ve been practicing massage for 11 years. I knew at 10 years old this was my passion and from there, I never looked back. Deep Tissue Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy are my strong points in this field, however, I am also trained in many other areas as well. I challenge myself to actively keep learning and currently offer a variety of techniques tailored to meet each individual’s needs. As the world changes, so do I because we never stop learning in life. From sports injuries to active stretching, I can work with your body to get you feeling like you should again.

Let me show you what reclaiming your body and your sanity feels like.

What people are saying about Samantha:

by Rachel on Jul 24

“Sam immediately set me at ease. It was clear she had actually looked at my notes, she asked me about my plantar fasciitis right away and I could tell she was already thinking about ways to relieve my pain. Instead of asking me what I wanted she suggested what she work on in order to address my symptoms. She was incredibly attentive throughout the massage, and remarkably, I wasn’t terribly sore the next day as I’ve experienced most often in the past. She also gave me some helpful suggestions for stretching and rolling.”

by Jennifer on Jul 13

 “Samantha is so knowledgeable, I learned so much during my first visit with her! Very professional and understanding of my issues. Will be back soon 🙂 thanks so much Samantha!”