Thomas Hartrey, LMT

Breathe… and laugh at all the silly things we focus on besides breathing

I found massage after a long personal journey that I am happy to share but just the beginning doesn’t get the job done. What is most important is the effect being a massage therapist has had on my life and the direction and desire that has been cultivated.

I mainly focus on Sports massage in which I use Myofascial release therapy techniques with trigger point and stretch therapies. I was an active athlete growing up playing baseball soccer and basketball as well as lacrosse and some track and field in high school. I have worked with MMA fighters and boxers as well so my skills offer variety.

I take a lot of pride in my ability to explain the body to my clients. I very much preach communication in my massages. Talking about how pressure feels and what kind of sensations my clients are feeling allows me to make accurate decisions when trying to release, relax, and restore muscles.

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