Postural Re-alignment Method™

Postural Re-alignment Method™ is an easy system designed to address postural distortions in our clients. This method can be used along with other modalities or as a stand alone treatment. This training will give you a breakdown of muscles that should be worked on to achieve change in locked-short muscles. The muscles that are weak in any given postural distortion are also covered in the course and should be re-activated to achieve the greatest results.

This course includes:

  • Kinesiology Review
  • Postural Distortion Review
  • Technique training in MET, PNF & Trigger Point Therapy
  • Treatment Plan Labs
  • Hands on Treatment Protocols for Advanced Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Certification of Completion

As an E-motion Sports Massage Method™ Practitioner you can expect to be part of a network of massage therapists focused on cutting edge, science-based massage therapy. We are dedicated to equipping our practitioners with the latest protocols and science long after your first introduction to our methods. Unlike other training programs, where you may go and learn a standalone protocol/modality, we believe that massage therapy is an ever evolving, dynamic practice, that can be fine tuned through the perception of various modalities and technical skill. Our continuing training programs, workshops and conventions are geared towards keeping every E-motion Sports Massage Method™  Practitioner up to date and current with science and research based therapeutic massage.

To apply for our training program please click on the web-based application below:

Application for admission to E-motion Sports Massage Method™ Practitioner Courses