Sports Massages For Non-Athletes For Increasing Mobility

Do you have to be an athlete to enjoy a great sports massage? Well, sports massages improve range of motion, decrease swelling, reduce pain and improve posture. Now, these are the requirements of any modern city dweller with a 9 to 5 job as well as a homemaker who has been up and about all day. Anyone can suffer from swollen muscles, injured joints and lack of mobility. Therefore, E-Motions make sure, each person in need can book one of our sports massage sessions right here for non-athletes.

Who needs a sports massage?

Sports massages are ideal for those with chronic pain. You may be suffering from an old injury or arthritis, which is restricting your movement. E-motion Sports Massage can help you. We can manipulate our massages to suit your needs. We usually focus our moves on specific problem areas associated with running, football, tennis or even golf. However, over the years, we have seen non-athletes walk into our offices with similar complaints. Muscle injury and ligament stress is not just a niche of sports-enthusiasts anymore. So, if you are currently suffering from a similar complaint, why should you not get to enjoyrecovery massages?

What are the massage types you can benefit from?

We specialize in four different kinds of sports massages.

  • Pre-event massages: these are short and stimulating for target muscles. We give them 15-45 minutes before the final performance to improve the tenacity of target muscles.
  • Post-event massages: you get these within the first hour of your performance. This relaxes the knots that form due to high stress and physical exertion.
  • Restorative massages: these are invigorating massages; they allow the athlete to train harder and decreases the chances of injury.
  • Rehabilitative massage: these are ideal for both sportsmen and non-athletes. If you are suffering from any chronic pain due to a festering wound, you need a rehabilitative massage. This will help your swellings go down, and we can help your body return to normal.

Know what you can expect

Sports massage is very different from a Thai massage or a Swedish massage. Sports massages are more involving. E-Motions makes sure; we move your joints and muscles around quite a bit before you start feeling like the youthful version of yourself. These massage regimens are not like spas.

In fact, you can consider them a part of your regular workout regimen, if you have one. We recommend regular sports massages for non-athlete men and women since our sedentary lifestyle makes it almost impossible for us to go out and get some exercise. Booking one massage, a month is enough to keep your joints greased.

Our trained therapists will make sure to take it easy if you have almost no sports experience. In that case, they will engage in trigger point therapy to break down the adhesion points of your muscles, craniosacral therapy to loosen up your back, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage for a complete experience. Stretching is a part of all our sports massage regimes, and you will feel rather lucid after rewarding massage sessions with one of our trained therapists.