What is Medical Massage?

In order to talk about what Medical Massage is, let’s first describe what it is not. Medical Massage is not a relaxing massage you might get for stress relief, like a Swedish Massage. While for some, getting rid of chronic pain could be a relief, often times there is a bit of pain that comes with ridding yourself of that chronic issue. Most people who come in for a Medical Massage might be thinking they need a doctor’s note for it, but this also is a misnomer. While having the proper diagnosis is helpful for the therapist who is treating you, it may be necessary to treat your chronic pain directly with modalities that encompass medical massage techniques. This result-driven massage session usually is not a full body massage and it is normally to need 2-6 consecutive sessions to work through the muscular issue.

Medical Massage Therapy is a term that has been coined to describe a massage therapy session which goals include:

  • Releasing tight and sore muscles which can cause Ischemia (Ischemia: A lack of blood supply to soft tissues, which causes hypersensitivity to the touch and allows for further injury to the tissues)
  • Relieve nerve compression or entrapment. (Pressure on a nerve by soft tissue, cartilage or bone, which can contribute to muscle atrophy, referred pain, paresthesia, and conditions such as pseudo sciatica, piriformis syndrome, pseudo angina, and others.)
  • Deactivating Myofascial Trigger Points (Trigger Points: Areas of high neurological activity, which refer pain to other parts of the body. Research has shown, trigger points may be responsible for as much as 74% of everyday pain.)
    Decreases Pain And Inflammation
  • Alleviating Stress and Improving Circulation
  • Increases Flexibility And Range Of Motion
  • Calms The Nervous System
  • Improves Posture And Coordination 

What types of Massage Therapy can be considered Medical Massage?

We believe all forms of Massage Therapy can be therapeutic when applied by a skillful and knowledgeable Therapist; therefore Medical Massage is not limited to any particular specific technique as long as the goals listed above are being addressed.

We incorporate several approaches in our Medical Massage Therapy Sessions, including, but not limited to, Muscle Testing, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Positional Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping and Rehabilitative Stretching Procedures. 

The capacity to combine the intuitive and scientifically proven principles defines the art and science of Medical Massage Therapy.