Why Do You Need A Sports Massage Right Away?

Massages that not only relax your tissues but also increase the integrity of your muscles for better performance are sports massages. Some of the massages may sound exotic like the Thai hot stone massage and Swedish massage, but they do little to tone your muscles. Well, you can consider them for skin hydration and tighten for sure!

Runners, divers, and athletes need special kinds of sports massages that we offer for targeted treatment of frozen shoulders, pulled tendons, injured ligaments and reduce pressure on the muscle-ligament system. The most efficient are the myofascial release massages that can release the stress from soft tissues by applying targeted pressure to the affected areas.

There are so many kinds of sports massages that are becoming difficult to keep a track on the pre-performance massages and post-performance massage scheduling. Check with http://e-motionsportsmassage.com/ for the latest available dates for the massages best suited for you.

Let’s know a bit about the post-race massages –

Our experts usually give these immediately at the finish line. This may sound funny, but the special movement of the shoulder muscles, leg muscles, and thigh muscles help calm the athlete down. It reduces the blood pressure and brings the palpitation down to normal. The light-touch massage is quite ideal for restoring the natural state of repair in the body. It is quite critical for the restoration of the athlete’s form and performance for oncoming races.

Pre-performance massages –

We usually follow up intense training sessions with relaxing and reinvigorating massages like these. They relieve the extra stress on joints. They directly help the tendons, ligaments and critical muscles to stay in shape. It prevents the buildup of lactic acid, so the athletes are in the form on the day of the event. If the athlete has an old injury, the special sports recovery massage can take care of that too. It supports faster recovery, restoring form and performance capacity. Find out which massages contributes most towards recovery right here.

The advantages of getting a sports-massage in general –

Sports massages are naturally relaxing. While your mind is relaxing, your body is getting rid of the extra serum creatinine and lactic acid. You are preparing for the upcoming big meet while relaxing on the massage table, enjoying the stress-buster sensation. Any sports massage from E-Motion actively reduces swelling, prevents injuries, takes care of old injuries, increases motilities around injured tissues and joints. It even helps with the recovery of heart rate variability and diastolic blood pressure irregularities, often seen in sprinters.

A few words of caution –

Here are a few cautionary words from our in-house experts. You must always remember these before getting ready for your next massage session.

  • Always inform your massage therapist about your old injuries.
  • Even if you are going back to the same therapist for the 100th time, do not forget to intimate them about your old and new pains.
  • Arrive at the massage center well hydrated. You will need more fluids in your body to attain more mobility. Post-massage hydration will take care of itself.
  • Eat healthy and light before the massage appointment.
  • Always focus on your old injuries, mobility problems and definitely focus beyond your legs. Pay attention to your shoulder, arms and back as well for full mobility massages.
  • A sports training massage can be a part of your training plan. So definitely do not expect a spa session treatment.

Book in advance. Give us a call for the complete sports massage experience from the best of our therapists.