Why You Should Go For Sports Massage Therapy

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The name sports massage can often be a bit misleading as many people might think that it is exclusively for athletes.  In reality, sports massage has a much wider application, and even if you are not an athlete or fitness freak, it will be beneficial for you to go through massage sessions.  The muscles of the body can become fatigue for various reasons that cause muscle soreness, and pain and massage rejuvenate the muscles by restoring its strength and enhancing blood circulation through the body. Proper blood flow is essential for pain-free body movement and if you are experiencing stiffness throughout your body, heaviness in your limbs or legs and feel hands and feet getting cold then massaging can provide complete relief.

What is sports massage?

If you experience pain in any part of the body that results from an excessive physical activity than sports massage can provide relief from pain and loosen the body muscles that have become stiff.  The purpose of the massage is to prevent further injuries that can occur if the muscles do not get a chance to recover from the intense stress. It also provides relief from pain.  The massage has a dual effect on the body because it stimulates the body both physiologically as well as psychologically. After the massage session, you feel completely refreshed, as the body is ready to take on fresh loads of physical activities.

Preventing muscle soreness

When the body undergoes excessive stress, muscles become weak, and you feel body pain and experience fatigue. In medical terminology, this is a symptom is explained as delayed onset muscle soreness.  If you take up exercise after a long time or doing it for the first time, you will not feel any problems immediately, but the feeling of pain sets in after 12 to 24 hours. This is the effect of muscle soreness, and you experience the maximum pain between 24 to 72 hours after performing the exercise.

Sports massage addresses the issue of muscle soreness by preventing it from happening so that you do not feel fatigue. The massage session helps the body to improve blood circulation so that adequate blood reaches all parts of the body so that the muscles can cope up with the stress thereby preventing soreness.

Managing stress, relieving pain

The pain and fatigue are not always due to the inability of the body to cope up with physical activity, but there is a psychological angle to it also.  Sports massage addresses this issue effectively because it is capable of managing stress.  There is a direct link between stress and pain, and massaging is the only way to seek relief.  During the massage, the brain releases endorphins, which are neurotransmitters, as the hypothalamus and pituitary glands become active. The endorphins act as pain reliever besides improving moods, reducing anxiety and making people feel good.

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